Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Pizza

Just a quick note that I've juggled around the pizza rankings and we have a new #1 -

They also use the Venice Bakery crust which  you can order in a small, medium or large crust.  Small and medium use the seasoned crust (our preference) but we ordered large since we wanted to see if they could pull it off - when we tried the large crust at Pizza Party it was a bit soggy for our taste. But Palo Alto Pizza totally pulled it off. Decent amount of sauce (although next time we may ask for a little more), good cheese mix (maybe a bit too much, but still very tasty) and it was cooked to perfection - very crisp crust. We will definitely be back! You can get coupons on their web site too. We saved $3 on a large - when one has to eat gluten free, we'll take any savings we can get.

Speaking of Venice Bakery, I decided to take advantage of a sale they had last month on their crusts at their online store - I purchased a 6 pack of the size medium seasoned crusts and when paired with our pizza stone heated to 500 degrees F (then I turn the oven down to 425), it is just as good as going out. I'm still not 100% pleased with my pizza sauce recipe but I'm almost there. I took it from Chef Johnny's Chicago Stuffed pizza video on youtube. I think if I puree the crushed tomatoes just a tad with an immersion mixer I may be there.

We also tried Mission Pizza in Fremont a few months ago which was also quite good albeit a bit greasy. They too use the Venice crust. If it wasn't so far away that would be a regular place for us as well. Their sauce was exceptional -we tried the standard pizza sauce as well as the tomato garlic one - the garlic one was tasty but a bit too much for us. Next time we'll definitely stick to the regular red sauce.