Product Review : deSIAM Peanut & Coconut Thai Sauce

I love peanuts - especially peanut curry's like Massaman and peanut dipping sauces for things like Chicken Satay. I often make a quick dinner which consists of shrimp, broccoli and red bell pepper over rice noodles with, you guessed it, peanut sauce. I've tried making peanut sauce myself many times but only rarely find a recipe that reminds me of the delicious sauce I find at my local Thai restaurants. I've also tried just about every bottled peanut sauce on the market and could not stand a single one, that is, until I happened upon deSIAM. Of course, now I can't recall exactly where I found it - but I can narrow it down to either Whole Foods or Cost Plus -more likely Cost Plus. It's a product of Thailand and is labeled "GMO Free" but note it is *not* specifically labeled gluten free, although I could not find any gluten ingredients listed, not even the ambiguous ones. I can say I have had no reaction and usually I start to feel queasy 30 minutes after ingesting a crumb of gluten. So use your best judgement to decide whether to try this. Here is the ingredient list:

The sauce is really quite delicious -just a hint of heat and lotsa fresh tasting roasted peanut. I'm looking forward to trying the other deSIAM products I found here. The bottle calls this a "dipping sauce" but I've been using a tablespoon or two over my shrimp/broccoli/rice dish and it's worked fantastically. I definitely still prefer the restaurant peanut sauce but this comes closer to any of the other brands I've tried.


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