Product Review: Mom's Place Gluten Free Soft Pretzel Mix and more...


Mom's Place Gluten Free sent me some products to sample and review as part of the upcoming Nourished Festival. I also participated in a blogger event a few weeks ago where a member of Mom's Place Gluten Free answered our questions. During this session I also learned that they had sent custom samples to each participant based on each of our unique dietary restrictions, and that their web site has an Allergen Filter so you can easily find the products that you can consume - so from the get-go I was impressed with this business. Before I go into a long narrative let me summarize to say these products are the real deal. Delicious, high quality, wow. 

I don't recall where I first heard about Mom's Place Gluten Free but in 2019 I must have stumbled upon them while reading an article about disaster preparedness. As we have earthquakes out here in Cali, I've been planning to put some emergency food in our shed but just hadn't gotten around to it. Mom's Place Gluten Free advertised a disaster preparedness food pack which included a large variety of products, none of which I had ever tasted. I then emailed them asking about whether I'd be able to prepare most of the products using a camp stove or gas grill assuming I lost power and gas or my house was inhabitable post-earthquake. They answered my email within a few hours explaining how their kit does have plenty of products I can prepare in the backyard but that they viewed the need as more about if there was a situation where I could not get access to gluten free products in particular due to some disaster.  That sounded interesting but I figured I'd never really run into that out here and I was worried about investing so much money in products I had never tried- what if they were terrible? 

Fast forward about 7 months later and we were in Covid lockdown, I was afraid to go to the store, and when I did, found most of the time the products I wanted were out of stock. Yet I had forgotten about the email exchange I had with Mom's Place Gluten Free - I wish I had remembered and had that pack in the shed.

Then earlier this month, I received a sample pack from Mom's Place Gluten Free in preparation for the Nourished Festival. They sent their Soft Pretzels with Sea Salt mix, Cream of Chicken Soup mix, French Onion Soup Mix, and Red Licorice. 

Gluten-Free Red Licorice

The first thing I tried was the licorice because hey, it was ready to eat and it was mid-afternoon. While I'm not a huge licorice fan (looking back, it was probably because whenever I ate gluten licorice, I felt sick) but this did taste just like what I remembered, and it's in a cute Scottish Terrier dog shape.  I can see this being wildly popular with licorice fans and during the blogger call, several participants mentioned they have family members who buy up all the licorice at the live Nourished Festivals :-). 

Cream of Chicken Soup Mix & French Onion Soup Mix

I have a family recipe for Rice-Noodle Casserole which I can never make because it is so hard to find gluten free French Onion soup, dry or liquid so when I saw the sample of the French Onion Soup Mix, I smiled. I have never purchased Cream of Chicken Soup before but I was excited to try some. Well, time went by and I had a bunch of chicken breasts and decided I was in the mood for a cozy stew. I came up with a recipe for a Chicken Stew based on this recipe Creamy Chicken Stew  but tweaked it to use the mixes and I included some leftover carrots, broccoli and roasted red pepper. It was delicious! The soup mixes come in resealable ziplock bags so it was easy for me to use the amount I needed and save the rest. These will both become regular purchases. At some point I'll post the recipe but here are some photos:

Soft Pretzels with Sea Salt Mix

Today I made the Soft Pretzels with Sea Salt. I was nervous about this because I attempted to make gluten-free soft pretzels from scratch a few years ago using a Raddish Kids recipe and it was a big sticky mess, and all in all, a failure in taste and execution. This was the opposite- I could not believe how easy it was to roll the dough out. I kept wondering - is this really gluten free? And they baked perfectly. My husband and daughter could not stop raving about how good they are. All I needed to provide was milk, butter, water, baking soda, and for the topping some cinnamon sugar. The mix makes 6 soft pretzels so I sprinkled 3 with just sea salt and the other 3 with a tiny bit of sea salt plus some cinnamon sugar. As I write this, my daughter just walked over and asked me if I could buy "many" soft pretzel mixes! 
Here are some photos I took while making the pretzels:

If you would like to try Mom's Place Gluten Free products, you can save 20% off your order by using this promo code: JS_MAR_GFEXPO21. You can bet I'll be using that code to buy the Preparedness Pack, more Pretzel Mix, and I'm intrigued by their Gluten-Free Sensational Stuffing Mix. Please comment and let me know if you've tried other Mom's Place Gluten Free Products and what you think. 


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