Baking Mixes

  1. Josie's Best GF "The Pancake", "The Waffle" and "The Crepe" mixes
  2. Lorraine's Gluten Free Sweet Dough Mix (most amazing Cinnamon Buns ever)
  3. King Arthur Flour Cake Mixes
  4. Cup4Cup Pie Crust Mix
  5. King Arthur Flour Brownie Mix
  6. Mom's Gluten Free Soft Pretzel Mix
  7. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix (typically available mid-September-October)
  1. Canyon Bakehouse (sliced bread, hamburger and hot dog buns, bagels)
  2. Bread SRSLY
  3. Patti's Perfect Pantry Sourdough Rolls
  4. Mariposa Baking Company 6" Baguettes (this is what's Ike's Sandwich shop uses)
  5. Glutino English Muffins
  1. Snyder's Gluten Free Pretzels
  2. Milton's Gluten Free Crackers
  3. Crunchmaster Crackers
  4. Fritos Corn Chips (check label - some varieties are not gluten free)
  5. Real McCoy's Rice Chips


  1. isiBisi
  2. La Veneziane (Best prices at, also available on Amazon)
  3. Barilla
  4. Three Bridges Ravioli
  5. Shar

Pizza Crust / Frozen Pizza

  1. Venice Baking Company (frozen -  purchase on Amazon or FoodServiceDirect.Com - these are often what pizzerias use for their gluten free crust) 
  2. Schar (light and airy, much better than what I was expecting)
  3. California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza (available at Target)
  4. Minton's Cauliflower Crust pizzas 
  5. Sabatasso's 4 Cheese Pizza (at Costco - more like Cheese bread and could use more sauce but quite addicting) 


  1. Mission Gluten Free Tortillas
  2. Sonoma Teff Wraps



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