Product Review: Homefree mini cookies

 As part of last week's virtual Nourished Festival, Homefree sent me some samples of their mini cookies to try and review. In addition to being gluten free, Homefree are free of nuts, dairy, egg, wheat, fish, shellfish, soy (except for soy lecithin), rice, potato and legumes so I think it's safe to say they are pretty allergy friendly. Their lemon and holiday sugar cookies are also corn free.

Homefree sent samples of 6 of their flavors, of which I've tried 3 so far: chocolate chip, double chocolate chip and vanilla. Let me start by saying I'm generally a chewy cookie fan, and these cookies are crunchy, but that didn't stop me! 

First off was the double chocolate which I had with milk. They had a very deep chocolate flavor which surprised me. They are super crisp and absorb the milk nicely when dipping, while still remaining some crunch along with the milk. 

Next up was vanilla which also great flavor. So far vanilla is my favorite - and apparently my daughter's favorite as well as she ate up the rest. 

The chocolate chip cookie I had along side a cup of tea. I recall trying an Enjoy Life crispy chocolate chip cookie which I think is the closest match product category wise, but I recall thinking the Enjoy life cookie was like eating sawdust with some dull dark spots whereas these really do taste like a regular chocolate chip cookie, although still too crispy for this chewy cookie gal, but decent along with the tea IMO. My husband commented that these remind him of the crispy Chips Ahoy! cookies he used to eat as a kid. 

I still need to taste the chocolate mint and ginger snap flavors. I will update this review once I do. 

Homefree's web site has a store locator if you'd like to buy some locally. In the SF Bay Area, it looks like they are in most of the higher end markets including Zanotto's, Draegers, Lunardi's and Piazza's whereas back east (I looked at upstate New York), they are in more mainstream supermarkets including ShopRite and Stop & Shop. 


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