Product Review: Cloudies Cheddar Cloudbread

The Cloud Bread Company sent me 3 varieties of Cloudies Cloudbread to taste and review.  This post is about Cloudies Cheddar cloudbread.

I first heard of cloudbread last fall when I participated in a Nourished Festival blogger session and I was disappointed that the product was not available anywhere in Northern California to sample. Fast forward a few months and the company contacted me to see if I was interested in samples and of course I said yes! 

Have you ever had a sandwich on gluten free bread that basically falls apart while you are eating it, and you are left with your sandwich filling on your plate and hands with little pieces of soggy bread hanging off? Well, my Cloudies sandwich stayed in tact! 

I decided to do a Cloudies take on a Tuna Melt, without the melt, using a Cheddar flavored Cloudie to substitute both the bread and cheese in a traditional tuna melt. Here is the recipe:

Cloudies Tuna Melt, without the Melt

- 2 pieces Cheddar Cloudies bread (1 individually wrapped package- each box comes with 4 packages of 2 Cloudies)
- 1/2 cup tuna salad (tuna fish, mayo, salt, pepper & onion powder to taste)
- 5-6 leafs of baby spinach

1. If frozen, remove from plastic wrap, place on microwaveable plate and heat in the microwave for 10 seconds
2. Remove from microwave; separate pieces of cloud bread and toast in the toaster on a light setting. This will crisp up the Cloudies a little. I noticed they were a bit crumbly on the edges as I removed them from the packaging but with my final sandwich, the bread stayed in tact.
3. After toasting, apply the tuna and spinach
4. Taste and enjoy.

Cloudies are made of 4 main ingredients: egg, cream cheese, baking powder and baking soda. They definitely smelled and looked a little bit like an omelette patty and had a slight egg taste, so they would be a great bread substitute for something you may like with eggs. 

In addition to the "not falling apart" aspect of Cloudies, they are far fewer calories than my typical sandwich bread- 70 calories total for the 2 pieces, although they are quite small- about 3 1/2 inches in diameter, but since they don't fall apart,  you can pile on quite a bit of fillings. 

While I'm not on a Keto diet, I do like that Cloudies are carb free and grain free. On a gluten free diet, I tend to eat way too much rice and corn. 

I let my daughter taste my sandwich and she immediately announced she was going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an Original Cloudie, but that's for another post. 

Cloudies are available for purchase at the Cloud Bread Company web site and is also available at many retailers in Texas, most of the Midwest and some of Southeast. They are continuing to add distributors and expect to have some more Western locations in the future. They are found in the freezer section and to be honest, as much as I love Cloudies, I do not think I will be ordering them as I really do not like how non-eco-friendy shipping frozen food is - hence why I've yet to purchase gluten free Lou Malnati's deep dish pizza- I can't bear the thought of more styrofoam coolers arriving on my doorstep. But you can bet as soon as Cloudies are available in Silicon Valley, Cloudies will be a regular in my freezer. 


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