Friday, February 18, 2011

Gluten free sandwich to go?

My employer does not have a cafeteria or restaurants nearby so we have the option of ordering food from When I noticed that Erik's Deli was on the list for today's "early lunch" delivery, I leapt at the opportunity to try ordering one of their delicious gluten free sanwiches which they put on Rudi's multigrain bread. Note that the menu makes no mention of a gluten free bread option so I had to enter my own comments and hope that someone would read it:

"On GLUTEN-FREE bread instead of roll* If you are out of the gluten free bread please cancel this order."
Fortunately the comment worked - and I immediately knew that indeed it was on gluten free bread:

Next time I will ask them to separate the bread from the filling so I can toast it when it arrives using my toastabags (and so it does not break up into pieces during transit).

But it was quite tasty!

What other gluten free foods don't do well for take out?