Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gluten Free Store-Bought Bread

When I first had to stop eating gluten, the only gluten free bread available at stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe was the brown rice bread by companies like Food For Life. Upon my first bite I became very depressed - it was the consistency of clay and had a horrible bitter taste. So I gave up on store bought bread and decided to become a bread baker. Most attempts tasted OK but did not hold together well but at least it was better than the rice bread. I also tried Kinnikkinnick bread which was far from a brick, but too light and with zero nutrition.  I saw on their site they have recently discontinued a number of their breads so perhaps their new varieties are better.

A few years later Udi's came out with bread, hamburger and hot dog buns which actually held together and tasted decent. Not quite how I remembered their gluten counterparts but do-able. So Udi's became a staple in my freezer for a few years.

Rudi's followed soon after. Their sandwich bread tasted similar to Udi's but Rudi's had something different - cinnamon raisin bread. This was my new favorite bread. I'd toast it up and slather some peanut butter on top. Perfection... at the time.

A few months ago Sprouts was having their semi-annual gluten free sale and I discovered 2 more breads - Katz and Canyon Bakehouse. I first noticed something was different about these breads when I toasted them. Up until now I had always toasted my gluten free bread on the lightest setting on the toaster, and they would always end up quite browned and dry. But Katz and Canyon Bakehouse breads were barely warm and soft at the light setting - so I tried again with medium. Wow - moist, tasty, substantive bread. JUST LIKE GLUTEN BREAD. Seriously? And Canyon Bakehouse also makes a Cinnamon Raisin bread which put the Rudi's bread to shame. I'll bet I could eat these gluten free breads, gasp, untoasted!

Thank you Rudi's and Udi's for being there but I'm afraid I need to move on now.

I have not been able to find Katz since that first discovery in Sprouts but Canyon Bakehouse is at both Sprouts (refrigerated section) and Whole Foods (some in refrigerated, some in freezer - I always freeze my bread regardless of where I buy it).

If you do not live near a Sprouts or Whole Foods, you can buy directly from the sellers or via Amazon.

Trust me, these are the real deal!