Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gluten Free Business Class

Last week I went on my first International flight after going gluten free 4+ years ago. I was a bit nervous about food, or the lack of, so I packed my usual travel stash of trail mix, NuGo Dark bars and single-serve packets of gluten free oatmeal. This was a business trip and luckily my employer allows us to fly business class when going overseas.

I flew SWISS airlines from San Francisco, through Zurich to Stockholm; Lufthansa from Stockholm to Frankfurt and United from Frankfurt to San Francisco. I was quite pleased with pretty much every meal although I would have to say the Swiss meals left me a bit hungry afterwards as they were mainly fruit, veggies and plain chicken breast. I think the Swiss meals were actually considered the "absolutely no allergen meals" as they appeared to be gluten, dairy, soy and egg free.

Here is a summary (with photos) on what I was served:

flight 1 - SWISS - San Francisco to Zurich

This 10 1/2 hour flight served 2 meals. Dinner was 
- spinach salad with fat free lemon vinegrette

flight 2 - SWISS - Zurich to Stockholm

flight 3 - Lufthansa - Stockholm to Frankfurt

flight 4 - United - Frankfurt to Stockholm