Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

I have always been a huge fan of Thin Mints and looked forward to cookie season so I could get my fix. Having to go gluten free over 8 years ago ended that fun. I've attempted gluten free thin mints a few times over the years but each attempt took many hours and never tasted close to the real thing.

I signed a petition asking the Girl Scouts to offer a gluten free cookie and two years ago the Toffee-Tastic cookie was introduced. It's a rich but crumbly shortbread cookie with little toffee bits in it. I now buy half a case (6 boxes) each season but they are still no Thin Mint. I am now in my 2nd year as a Girl Scouts Troop Leader and decided this would be our first year participating in the cookie sale. Torture you say? One would think, but earlier this year I discovered Goodie Girl Cookies who distribute through Wal Mart neighborhood markets here in Northern California and are available for purchase through their web site . Their "Mint Slim" cookie is amazing. Upon that first taste we bought several boxes and always kept one in the freezer, just like those Thin Mint sleeves from yesteryear.

Then as this year's cookie season approached, I headed out to Wal Mart to get my fix. I was distressed to find that the boxes I had bought were not tasting very minty - more burnt/mocha like. Oh dear! I immediately wrote to Goodie Girl to report the issue for fear that perhaps a manufacturing issue was to blame. I heard back quickly and was reassured that a burnt batch must have accidentally made it past quality control. To my delight, I received replacement cookies in the mail as well as some samples of their Quinoa Chocolate Chunk and Vanilla Slims varieties. The Quinoa Chocolate Chunk tasted fine to me- nothing special, I already make a killer chocolate chip cookie. But the Vanilla Slims... wow. They are a vanilla wafer covered in chocolate - and taste like (well better than) a Keebler Fudge Stripe cookie. That got me thinking, "hey, I can turn these into other girl scout cookie varieties". And I did.

Check out the math:
  • 1 Vanilla Slim + 1 smear of peanut butter = 1 Gluten Free Tagalong
  • 1 Vanilla Slim + 1 smear of caramel sauce + 1 sprinkle of coconut = 1 Gluten Free Samoa
  • 1 Mint Slim = 1 Gluten Free Thin Mint
 So to recap, yes you can have gluten free Tagalongs, gluten free Samoa's and gluten free Thin Mints!!!

Here is a link to a 2 pack of Mint Slims on Amazon in case you want to purchase via Amazon although be sure to avoid shipping during warm months- these things can melt and stick together. Note: should anyone ever click on one of these links and purchase something, this site will receive a small bounty. I have no idea what said bounty is but will post about it if any is ever received.

You can also purchase directly from Goodie Girl or use their store locator to find a retail outlet near you.